FROZEN HEROES Sportscards and Memorabilia was established in 1977 as a means to give back to the hobby by way of helping the less knowledgeable collector from being taken advantage of. As our following grew and we realized success in our mission we decided to go fully into a charity mode in 1994 using our existing inventory. Every year in December we would give new unwrapped toys to Toy Mountain based on any profits that we had. With each new year and with continued growth through sales at card shows and on eBay we steadily improved our donations. In 2012 we had our best year ever with almost one hundred new unwrapped toys given away, several hundred cards given away, multiple donations to food banks and several cases of pet food donated during the year.

Over the years we have bought collections and lots to add to our inventory as sales have depleted our volume. We asked for and did get a few donations from some collectors but unfortunately the majority of items donated were of no value. As such our own personal inventory has dropped by over two hundred thousand cards and various items of memorabilia have been sold. We continue to rely on donations to support our charities but they have virtually stopped. In 2013 we were blessed by the addition of a son. With the added costs of raising a child we could no longer afford to keep our retail store open as the overhead that we covered out of our own pockets was staggering. It was a huge disappointment and a tough pill to swallow as it gave collectors as safe place to visit. We have always given cards and things away for free as that is just our nature. The closing of our store has limited interaction with new collectors.

We are NOT a registered charity as the cost of doing this is prohibitive. Everything we do and all sales are reported on our personal income tax and we do CRA submissions for HST at regular periods. We do not receive any sort of funding, tax breaks or benefits from the government. We do not pay ourselves or anyone else for doing this work as it is all voluntary. We pay income tax on our sales to the government and we ask for nothing from them.

Please, if you would like to donate to us it would be greatly appreciated. Whether you have cards, new unwrapped toys or cash we would be more than happy to accept. You can contact us to make arrangements or if donating cash this can be done by Paypal or EFT (in Canada) through our email address frozenheroes@live.ca with our thanks.